What is a drop 3 baseball bat?

These are basically baseball bats whose weight and length have a numerical difference of 3 ounces. Another name for these bat is a minus ,college, high school or adult bat. This is because they are used in quite a few leagues but ideal and mostly preferred for high school use

At all levels of play ,authorities have established a standard bat to be used by player during competitions This is due to the fact that best bbcor baseball bats nowadays come in different sizes and shapes.

What is a drop 3 baseball bat

The choice of one bat over another can give a player an added advantage over his or her competitor. However in baseball the value of bats keeps changing rapidly. What is considered good now may not the the same in a few months time.

Over time and again ,sports organizations have always considered the safety of baseball players in the field. They do this by carrying out a specific test on baseball bats. This is to determine the different bats that should be used for different levels of play. This test is what is widely known as the BBCOR.

What does BBCOR stand for?

Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution is what the acronym stands for. The question ringing in your head now probably is ,what is this BBCOR? How does it work? Well ,this is a test carried out by measuring the speed at which a ball bounces of the barrel of a baseball bat. it focuses on the amount of energy that is lost when the ball comes into contact with the bat.

How do we then determine a drop 3 baseball bat?

Players must understand that the weight and length of bats go for a range of -3 to -14 and are used in different leagues. A drop 3 baseball bat has the ratio of 3. This ratio is referred to as the drop of the bat. It provides information on the bats length in inches in relation to its weight in ounces.

First the bat must have a barrel that is smaller in diameter in comparison to other bats. Secondly and most important of all the bats weight must be 3 ounces less than its overall length. So for a 32-inch baseball bat to be considered as a drop 3 bat ,it must have a weight of 29 ounces.

In conclusion you should know that the length of a baseball bat to be used by a player is determined by the players’ weight and height. This both guarantees a players safety and comfort during the game. All this is in a bid to make this interesting game a safe one too. From my point of view a good bbcor bat is DeMarini Voodoo BBCOR Baseball Bat